Thwaite Brow Conservation Group

The Thwaite Brow woods Conservation group are volunteers in Bolton-le-Sands who meet once a month to look after community woodland. Come and join us!

Thwaite Brow Woods - Management Plan 2017-2027

Bolton le Sands Parish Council has agreed a 10 year Management Plan for the wood with the Forestry Commission and Natural England.

Plan Summary

Maintenance of access ride and footpaths and litter picking.

Thinning of dense areas of trees to allow more light for new growth.

Recognising a number of veteran/notable trees and giving them more space.

Maintaining and enhancing clear spaces at viewpoints.

Removal of non-native and invasive vegetation.

Coppicing a few small areas to rejuvenate and stimulate dormant plant life.

Planting of new trees/shrubs in open areas.

Installing and maintaining 25 new wildlife boxes.

Monitoring of wildlife in the wood.

Some of this work will produce timber for a number of useful purposes.

Some work has started on removal of some Snowberry from the side of the lane towards the top of the wood and the installation of some new bird boxes.

Discussions are currently taking place with Canal & River Trust about the implications of their ownership of a strip of the woodland alongside the canal on the implementation of the plan.

A contractor will be used to carry out some of the work and other work will be carried out by volunteers.

Some interesting information about cutting trees for conservation can be found at

Update - 12 March 2019

Bolton le Sands Parish Council has recently agreed to the cutting of a small coppice coupe towards the top of the wood. The coupe will be cut by Jack Holden ( and fenced by the volunteers to prevent browsing by deer of the expected regrowth. Approval has been given for cutting the coupe in the Tree Preservation Order area by the Lancaster City Council Tree Officer. This year’s thinning work which is being carried out by Heartwood Enterprises.

Associated Documents

Download the documents  below for full details of the plan.